Bergen – Day 2 – Funicular and Ice

On day two we left the hotel after having a selfie with the friendly statue and made our way across the wet square to the funicular.







Up the mountain we went to find a stunning winter’s view of the Hanseatic Port of Bergen.






Obviously we posed for the obligatory selfie but I zoomed in a bit too close on Sian!


Well – it made us laugh.


It turned out that there was a little path down so we decided to stretch our legs and brave the snow and ice.DSCN3160DSCN3164DSCN3159DSCN3184

I am so glad we took the icy route because the icicles alone were worth it.








Bergen – Day 1 – The Fjord Cruise

When planning a weekend escape Jane and I have some criteria to meet. The flight must go Friday evening after 7pm and return at a reasonable time on the Sunday evening. It is also preferable if neither of us have been to the destination previously and the price is chirpy chirpy cheap cheap.

In a departure from our tried and tested Ryan Air from Stansted, we searched Norwegian Air at Gatwick and came up with a real gem of a trip. The flight to Bergen left at 8.45pm on the Friday and the return flight left Bergen at 7.10pm on the Sunday. The cost was £48 each return. We were joined on this escape by Sian a geographer who loves a variety of transport………

We searched for a central hotel and liked the DSCN2964Scandic Strand – this cost us £62 each for two nights B and B and breakfast was fantastic. In fact it’s a good idea to eat as much as you can at the breakfast buffet because Bergen is not cheap to eat out in.



We set off on a little walk round in the rain and it wasn’t long before the rain came hammering down, prompting Sian to get her kit on.


We found little nooks and crannies and curiosity shops.





However, Sian had been up with Larks and been over to the Tourist Information place where she found a fabulous three and half hour cruise up a fjord in the ice and snow – a geographers dream. So we set off up the Fjord in a warm cosy cruiser, safe from the rain.DSCN2993

Settling back to enjoy the view whilst our wet hats and gloves dried out.

It turned out that we were in for quite an adventure. We hit an ice field that couldn’t be broken and so we had to turn around and go another way. The little channels we took were stunningly beautiful and freezing cold.


DSCN3030 DSCN3024 DSCN3055


DSCN3060 DSCN3061 DSCN3073 DSCN3071DSCN3093

Our lovely captain had to turn round once more because of the ice and so we couldn’t reach our final destination – a waterfall, but undeterred he took us up another little channel with beautiful little islands and then explained to all of the passengers personally where we had been. We would thoroughly recommend Fjordsightseeing (see photo).

Day Two to follow………………



by Chris

It all began at 6.15 am on Saturday 9th January 2016. I had been told by Lucy to be ready with a winter coat, hat and gloves, wellies, sunglasses, a swimsuit and a passport. It had been suggested that I would need some, or none, of these items. Lucy said she was taking me out for the day to celebrate my 50th (which was on 1st January).

At 6.15 am Lucy arrived with Michelle and off we went (thankfully past the local dump and recycling centre). Half an hour later we arrived at Ebbsfleet International Railway Station. I wasn’t sure if this was a reuse but I was now allowed to leave my swimsuit (just as well this soon after Christmas) and my wellies in the car.


Ebbsfleet Station was deserted apart form a small group in the distance, as this group came into focus I realised I had been subject to a “Girls on Tour Kidnap” to celebrate my 50th – what a fantastic way to start the year. The group waiting for me were: Nat, Jo, Trish, Jax, Di, Frankie, Sian and Jane. I literally had no idea, I thought the most likely scenario, given the items I had been asked to bring, was a spa day with Lucy.


My first ever encounter with Eurostar was a pleasant experience involving champagne and croissants for breakfast. A couple of hours later we emerged from a Cite, a metro station, into the bright January sun and wandered off to find Notre Dame.



A peaceful half an hour to stop and catch our breath was spent weaving our way round the stunning arches and stained glass windows.


Then I was given a new present to remind me of my day in Paris, which I shall treasure, a gorgeous raspberry beret.


Next on the agenda was lunch at Cafe Blanc, tried and tested by Jax at New Year whilst staying with her mum and dad who live nearby. Fabulous food and good company was enjoyed by all.


Lunch consumed we strolled around, trying on shoes and buying mugs and macaroons. Quite by chance we found ourselves by the ferris wheel.


So a group of us went up to view Paris from above, just as the sun was setting.





Finally the sun went down and we made our way through Paris back to Gare du Nord and the Eurostar. All in all a fantastic day out, that sped by too quickly. I can thoroughly recommend lunch in Paris as a special treat, your recipient will not be disappointed. Thank you girls x